Jokemon Print Collection

A special collection of six 5 x 7 colour cardstock prints, signed by me (the artist)! I tried to make them great in the dumbest way possible. Or dumb in the greatest way possible. Either way!

Give 'em away to friends, or keep them all for yourself. (At 5x7, they should fit nicely into many of those inexpensive multi-picture "photo montage" frames they sell at department stores.) Please allow two to four weeks for delivery, depending on how far away you live from Vancouver, BC.

Jokemon Prints ($25 + $4 shipping)
Jokemon Prints ($25 + $8 shipping)

Jokemon Print Collection + Original Art

For an extra $25, I will include an original hand-drawn sketch of the pocket monster of your choice (any generation is fine), possibly doing something stupid.

Please email me after you've placed your order to let me know what you like! Otherwise I will CHOOSE FOR YOU.

Jokemon Prints + Sketch ($50 + $4 shipping)
Jokemon Prints + Sketch ($50 + $8 shipping)

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